In Ashwood Series


A leather tool belt slung low over his nicely faded jeans was such a distraction. She couldn’t ignore the pull between them, and he felt it, too.

Seth spotted the alluring redhead from Seattle and turned the other way. A girl from a big city and a small-town guy never worked.

Another glance of her delicious curves had Seth wondering if a summer fling might be worth the risk. She’d be on her road and out of his life the moment he finished building her tiny home.

Worlds collide in a sexy small-town romance where Natalie and Seth must choose. Do they stick to careful plans or build an unpredictable future together?

She owns the local dive bar. He brews terrific beer.

Kegs collide when Iris and Wade cater a surprise party together.

One hot night doesn’t come with any long-term guarantees.

Wade takes off for Vegas to line up investors for his popular brewery. Those investors come with one enticing string attached – a beautiful executive sent to guide his brewery’s expansion.

Will this petite woman use her power to control Wade’s future? Or, will she warn the brewer about a plot that could bring him down?

Temptation and obsession collide as Wade finds himself trapped between trust and lust.

Trouble Brewing is a love triangle romance with a splash of suspense and plenty of heat.


He’s looking for another weekend fling until a tempting woman with stars in her eyes changes his mind.

Careful, curvy, and shy, Linnea traded one quiet life for another when she left her family hop farm to run her brother’s successful brewery taproom. Everything proceeds as planned . . . until Rick changes her world with onlyhello.

Something about Linnea dares Rick to take extra time. Pulled by her gentle nature, he discovers a vibrant, seductive woman with the power to change his world – a change he can’t let happen, because he as too much to hide.

When problems with his family erupt – and they always do – Rick descends into a colder version of himself and won’t let Linnea beyond his defenses.

She has the patience to wait Rick out. But is Linnea willing to endure another round of his hot and cold?